The Puny Soul Potion is a boost in Pocket God Facebook that restores 1 Energy when consumed.


The player may purchase Puny Soul Potions from the store for 1 Bone apiece.



The old version

The Puny Soul Potion was available since the beginning of Pocket God Facebook. Those potions would restore 3 Energy when consumed and cost 350 Sacrifice Coins, but following a small update the potion now offers 1 Energy.


The Puny Soul Potion is best used to complete the final bits necessary to complete an objective, like quests, rival gods, and level ups.

Rival Gods

In Rival God challenges, Puny Soul Potions are useful for racking up sacrifices more quickly than with conventional methods.

Gift Potions

Half shell
Puny Soul Potions can be catapulted to friends at no charge to promote friendship. Each friend may receive one potion per sender per day. There is no limit to how many potions can be stored.


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