Purification Fountain

The Purification Chamber

The Purification Chamber is the fifth Chamber founded inside the Apocalypse Temple. It was introduced in Ep 46: Germs of Endearment, along with the Plague Room.


This room is entirely made of crystal. It has a crack in the ground, which is deeper than the one inside the Plague Room. The floor is one compact ice plate, with some crystal formations on it. Frozen stalactites are protruding from the roof, and all the ice walls are shining. The middle of the chamber features the Purification Fountain. It is composed by a well like icy structure, and a hand sanitizer like upper structure. The hand sanitizer part is transparent, and a crystalline light blue water boils inside it. It also has a wave symbol glowing on its surface. The fountain is pouring the water inside its lower part, making the liquid shine.

This Chamber has only one icy door on the left, which leads to the Plague Room.


If the player puts a Pygmy inside the fountain, he will start to play with the water. If he's dragged outside it, the player will notice that the Pygmy is surrounded by a light blue glow, and he's shining. He will then try to purify the rest of the tribe, and, if taken to other islands, even the objects and animals. Eventually, the purified Pygmies will disappear, beacuse they are too clean to exist.


  • This is so far the only Chamber that doesn't have a light source.
  • The symbol of this Chamber is represented with the same style of the one inside the Locust Room.
  • It's the second area based on ice, the first being Ice Island.
  • The fountain is a parody of a famous brand of hand sanitizers called Purell; in fact, the liquid itself, in Pocket God is named PureHell.
  • The purified pygmies seem to have Bacteriophobia(fear of bacteria).

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