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Pygmy Sacrifice Investigation: Part 4 is a quest on Pocket God Facebook.


The message of this mission is:

Time to interview our witnesses. Let's use the good cop/bad cop routine, starting with bad cop


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Repeast this 20 times for solving: Purchase the device "Weapon Rack" on one of your isles. The quest is easier to complete, if you spawn 2 pygmies only. Click and drop one of these pygmies in front of the "Weapon Rack". Wait until this pygmy takes one weapon. Then Click and hold this pigmy above the weapon of the other pigmy. Then the pygmy with the weapon will behead the other pygmy like a piñata.

Purchase the device "Cocodrink Fridge" or "St. Patrick Fridge" on one of your isles. You are able to solve the quest with both fridges, so you can choose the fridge, which you want to use. Click on the fridge, to open it. Only the open fridge will work, if it's closed, the pygmies can only drink a "Cocodrink" or a "Root Beer". Spawn as many pygmies, as the isle can hold. Exact 20 pygmies should die like this: Click on a pygmy and put it in into the fridge. The fridge's door will close and freeze the pygmy. The fridge's door will open automatically and an frozen pygmy in an ice cube will fell out of the fridge into the ocean.

Purchase the "Tar Pit", which is found in the "Geological" category. Spawn as many pygmies, as the isle can hold. Exact 40 pygmies should die like this: Click each pygmy and drop it off above the "Tar Pit" and let them sink into it. Then wait until the "+" is available to spawn more pygmies, so this pygmy died and you can sacrifice the next pygmy into the "Tar Pit".


The victory message is:

You sure grilled those pygmies like a pro. They're almost ready to talk.

When this quest is completed, the player will recieve 600 Experience and 500 Sacrifice Coins.

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