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Saint Prickulous, or referred to as Red, is a Santa Claus-type figure found in the Pocket God Comics "X-Mas Marks the Spot", the Fishmas special.


Red is a very obese, over-sized man, with a long white beard, long white hair, large arms and legs, and a small thin red and green leaf skirt he wears at all times.


Red states he is "the father of invention." Red lives on Ice Island in the Igloo and is unaffected by the frost-biting cold. He befriends Nooby quickly, and soon considers him family and clones to create Newbie. He is a flawed protagonist, because, although he fights with the main antagonist of the issue, Newbie, he is, as seen in the middle and at the end of the issue, mentally insane, by thinking Nooby is his family, along with falsely personified wooden figures, that Red made in his workshop. At the end of the issue, he is seen with a wooden figure of Nooby, talking to him as if he is real. He has yet to appear again in the comics. In comic 20, however, Nooby has fled from Oogka Chaka believing that nobody in the tribe likes him anymore. He travels with a ghost, from Pocket God comic #14, to Red's island, only to find that his igloo has just melted. Newbie points out a secret trapdoor, and Nooby goes down it, only to find an odd gem that pulls him into the nightmares of his own mind(Proposing to Sun only to almost be crushed by a giant Ooga, made smart by Teela and Klik, almost eaten alive by Wilson and Moon, and being banished and stabbed by Ooga with a shell to seemingly induce permanent death).


  • His name is a pun of Santa Claus' real name, Saint Nicholas.

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