The Reef Guardian

The Reef Guardian is an exclusive power for Pocket God Facebook introduced in Facebook Ep. 15: Creature from the Wack Lagoon.


The Reef Guardian is a green, giant, fish like, monster. It has four arms, a tail and three yellow horns. It has a blue rope around his body and a trident is behind him. When he's underwater the water above him will look lighter. The creature stands were the Volcano usually rests -- that is, in the ocean behind the island.


To activate the Reef Guardian, go to the store and find him under the “Geological” category. It can be bought for 30,000 Sacrifice Coins or 40 Bones. When you activate the Guardian, the volcano (if you have that activated) will vanish and a special blue pool of water will appear in its place. If a Pygmy is flicked into this pool of bubbling water, the Reef Guardian emerges from the ocean.


Flick Pygmies towards the Reef Guardian, and he will grab them in his claws. Once he obtains four Pygmies, he eats them, only to discover they don’t agree with him. Thereupon he vomits a flow of water, Pygmies and various detritus all over the island. If there are Pygmies still on the island, woe unto them, for they are additional sacrifices.

If you flick enough Pygmies towards the Guardian, the Rival God Idol will challenge you to dispose of 100 Pygmies within a short time period! Accept the challenge and you can request that your Facebook friends help you gain the idol and ascend to the next level! This brings us to the Rival Gods challenge, known as Aquapella.

After the deluge of water has flooded the island, several items previously within the Reef Guardian will have been reguritated onto the island. They include a boot, tire, shell, and leaves.


  • The Pygmies in the hands of the Reef Guardian will be dead before he eat them, so they can spawn again in the island, so you can have him holding the same pygmy four times.
  • He resemble the Kraken from the old movie "The Clash of the Titans".
  • Aquapella is the Reef Guardian's wife.