3 Rubber Ducks

Rubber Ducks are animals that first appeared in Ep 37: The Moron Pests in Pocket God. They are only in the mini-game "Moron Pests".


The Rubber Ducks are yellow in color, have a light yellow belly, and an orange beak. The Rubber Ducks also have variable eye sizes and sport an angry expression.

Rubber duck Moron Test

Rubber Duck as it appears in the Moron Test


In the mini game Moron Pests, the Pygmy must run for as long as it can being chased by a Turtle through the Snake's stomach while the player answers Moron Test-esque questions, some of them involving rubber ducks. In these questions, you either have to tap the ducks in order of duck size or in order of their eye size.


  • The Rubber Ducks are a crossover animal from DistintDev's Moron Test.
  • The Rubber Ducks have two moron tests: "touch the ducks from biggest to smallest [or vice versa]" and "touch the ducks from biggest to smallest [or vice versa] based on eyes".

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