An example player's Sacrifice Coin count

Sacrifice Coins (formerly known as Sacrifice Points) are a main currency in Pocket God on Facebook that are received when a player kills a Pygmy in some way. The number of sacrifice coins the player has are recorded in the top area of the screen next to a dead Pygmy head with x eyes and doll-like mouth, which is fitting given the nature of their purpose.



As of Facebook Ep. 16: Pocket God, sacrifice coins will appear as tangible items on the island and fly up to the counter

A certain amount of sacrifice coins are rewarded for every sacrifice (kill) of a Pygmy that is made when the Devotion Meter is turned on. Sacrifice coins are also rewarded for leveling up or completing a task. The other form of currency is Bones, formerly known as Pocket Change. The player can buy 5000 sacrifice points for 79 cents.

Sacrifice Coins per Sacrifice

Note: All statistics assume you are using the Basic Idol.

Type of Sacrifice Sacrifice Coins given
Have a Pygmy dance until he/she has a heart attack and dies 10
Drowning 20
Flicking then drowning 20
Falling into the sky with Gravity 20
Get hit by Lightning 20
Getting sucked into a Hurricane and drowning 20
Get hit by a Hailstone 20
Blast a Pygmy into the sea and drown with the Bomb Fruit 20
Slap a Pygmy with the Shark and drown 20
Get hit by the Unicorn's Rainbow Fart 20
Get flicked into the Volcano 30
Get hit by lava from the Volcano 30
Drop a Pygmy into the Tar Pit 30
Get a Pygmy pulled into the Tar Pit 30
Let the Shark snap up a Pygmy 30
Have two Pygmies duel with Weapons (not last two) 30
Get impaled on the Unicorn's horn 30
Get knocked into the water by the Unicorn 30
Have a Chubby Turkey eat a Pygmy's head 30
Behead a Pygmy over the Tar Pit 40
Use the Geyser to fling a pygmy up and onto the island 40
Use the Geyser to fling a pygmy into the sea and drown 40
Blast a pygmy with Shrapnel from the Bomb Fruit 40
Put a Shark on a Pygmy's head 40
Have the Fire Ants eat a Pygmy 40
Have a pygmy with a Weapon behead another like a pinata 40
Crush a Pygmy with the Magic Pumpkin 40
Have a pygmy eat his/her Torch 50
Burn a pygmy over a Torch 50
Use the Coconut Tree to fling a Pygmy into the sea and drown 50
Have a Pygmy eat two Magic Mushrooms 50
Have the Venus Flytrap bob its head and eat a Pygmy 50
Dangle a Pygmy over the Venus Flytrap for it to snap up 50
Have a Pygmy eat a Bomb Fruit 50
Make a Pygmy waterski with the Fishing Rod and the Shark 50
Have the Dodo Bird carry a Pygmy away 50
Freeze a Pygmy in the Cocodrink Fridge and let it wash away 50
Ride the Unicorn off the screen 50
Have a Pygmy eat a Magic Pumkpin and turn into one 50
Have the last two Pygmies duel 60

Doing a Grace Request also gives 100 Sacrifice Coins.


The Basic Idol gives a fair amount of sacrifice coins and experience after every sacrifice. The All-Knowing Idol on the other hand, does not give sacrifice coins whatsoever, only giving the player Experience. The Bloodthirsty Idol gives a heightened amount of sacrifice points and no experience for each kill.


Screen shot 2011-04-28 at 10.47.23 PM

The old version of the Sacrifice Coin counter

Sacrifice points are the main currency of the game and are used for many purposes. The main purpose is to buy God powers, plants, and other stuff for your island.

The player could also use 350 sacrifice points to pay for a Puny Soul Potion, restoring three points of Devotion, though this was discontinued (the player now has to pay 1 Bone for 1 Devotion point.) The player can also use sacrifice coins to pay for certain items with which to customize Pygmies.

Divine Cash Deals

If the player does not wish to build up their sacrifice coins by killing Pygmies, than can pay 10 Facebook Credits for a package of 5,000 Sacrifice Coins


  • Sacrifice Coins are a major difference between Pocket God Facebook and the original Pocket God game, as nothing is awarded for making kills in the iOS version, other than a change in the Pygmies' moods.
  • Depending on how a Pygmy is killed, you can get anywhere from 10 to 60 Sacrifice Coins per kill, assuming the Basic Idol is used. Sacrifice Coins are almost always awarded in multiples of 10.
  • However, if you use an Almighty Idol and sacrifice a Pygmy with a Venus Flytrap, you will get 75 Sacrifice Coins, which is odd.
  • The Bloodthirsty Idol will give twice the normal amount of Sacrifice Coins. Thus, if a kill gives 60 Sacrifice Coins normally, the Bloodthirsty Idol will award 120 Sacrifice Coins.
  • Since the Puny Soul Potion costs a measly 350 Sacrifice Coins (compared to 360 for a set of three 120 Coin sacrifices) for 3 devotion, repeated abusing of the "low" cost can slowly "earn" Sacrifice Coins. However, the Dance Dance secret is faster and more productive.