Not to be confused with Sand Island from the original game


The island in which players of the Facebook game start out with

Sand Island, along with Big Island and Tiny Islet, is one of the islands that makes up the Divine Archipelago. Thus, it is one of the areas inhabited by Pygmies in Pocket God Facebook.



Sand Island during the tutorial at the beginning of the game

Sand Island is the first (and only, up until Facebook Ep. 5: Archipela-go-go) island of the game. During the tutorial at the beginning of the game, it appears as a small island where the player is taught the basics of the game. Eventually, the island is enlarged to the size it is today. It is generally considered to be the most used island of the game, as players not wish to purchase all there items again in order to do what they want on other islands what they could do on Sand Island.


The population is up to five Pygmies. Its appearance is a more detailed, and 3D version of the original Sand Island, with starfish and shrubs on the island and a more realistic sandy view to it.



Sand Island as seen from the map of the Divine Archipelago

You take can take possesion of this island after you have finished the tutorial.


Sand Island can contain a variety of new features, but can only have one plant, one idol, one device or geologic feature, and one "front" object (Fire Ants, Geyser, Fishing Rod) at a time on the island. Some of these features include the Cocodrink Fridge, the Tar Pit, the Venus Flytrap, the Bomb Cactus, and a multitude of idols.


Like the other islands, the purchasable wildlife is the Shark, the Dodo Bird, the Fire Ants, and the Orange Fish when the Fishing Rod is toggled on.

God Powers

Like the other islands, the god powers are Gravity, Lightning, Hurricane, Lunar Phases, and Hailstorm.


  • Its name was first given to distinguish it from the other two islands added in Episode 5