Sharky White Teeth is the rival god encountered in Pocket God Facebook when the player overuses their Shark.


He is a large shark with sharp white teeth. He wears a yellow kelp crown, a collar made of seaweed and pygmy skulls, and he carries a golden trident.


When encountered, Sharky White Teeth will proclaim,

The master of all sharks doesn't like the liberties you take with his creatures.

Don't let it deter you.

Sharky White Teeth formerly required the player (and up to 25 friends) to sacrifice 1,250 pygmies in 60 hours with a shark to gain 3,200 experience and 125,000 sacrifice points. Now, Sharky only allows five friends to sacrifice 250 pygmies in a whopping 144 hours (6 days). The prize is diminished to 1,250 experience and 12,500 sacrifice coins.


If defeated, the player will be rewarded with a Sharky White Teeth idol. It is made of stone and carries a large pearl that emits rays of white light when the idol is turned on. With this idol you get double XP when sacrificing with the shark.

Two Challenges At Once

If you want to be clever you can use two god quests at once. When you are at the shark quest, try to throw pygmies in the water using the shark and soon you will be challenged by another god: The Beast of the Abyss. Continue sacrificing the pygmies with the shark throwing them in the water and you will be able to work on two quests at once.


The Shark shadow in the Ep. 2 title screen


  • Sharky White Teeth is the second rival god ( the other is The Galley Master) , as an idol, whose gem appears on their body when being challenged.
  • The word "White Teeth" was referenced by the fact that the Shark's breed is a Great White Shark.