The Sky

The Sky is a mini-game area that first appeared in Ep 22: Ooga Jump. It is located in the air above the islands and contains lots of clouds.


To access it, you must drag a Pygmy up above an island and drop it on one of the three big clouds. This takes the Pygmy to the Sky and starts the minigame 'Ooga Jump', which is based on the hit iPod Touch/iPhone app 'Doodle Jump'. In 'Ooga Jump', you must tilt the iPod Touch/iPhone back to move the Pygmy left and right across the sky to bounce on clouds and avoid falling to it's doom. The aim is to get as high as you can, it is measured in oogles.


  • The Sky is the first minigame area in Pocket God.
  • The Sky is the only minigame area that doesn't remove the menu bar.
  • The only animal that inhabits the upper reaches of the sky is the Doodler, but the Dodo Bird can be seen flying up into the Ooga Jump realm if it has taken a Fish or a Pygmy about to eat a Fish.
  • The Sky will change colors depending on the temperature.
  • In Pocket God: Journey To Uranus the planet Uranus will be a sky island and probably have features of the Pocket God World Sky.