Red yellow snake
Not to be confused with the Snake introduced in Ep 37: The Moron Pests.

Snakes are reptiles that appear in the Pocket God Comics in the series The Gem of Life.


Baby snake

The snakes are red and yellow, which Dooby comments "can kill a fellow." They are long and wiggly creatures. The baby snake, which Nooby touches and picks up, is small with four teeth, one long tongue, and two beedy little eyes. The large mother snake is a much larger version of the baby but with a much more vicous looking face.

Role in the Comics

In Issue 3, the Pygmies (minus Klik) are running from a Tyrannosaurus Rex and end up hiding in a cave. Nooby believes they can scare off "the chicken" with a worm. When Nooby gets the slippery creature, it is really a baby snake. Then, Nooby drops it and allows it to slither away. But, Booga, who had recently been injured, is not despondant and covered in a large, thick red canvas. Then, the pygmies realize that the canvas is the skin of the mama snake. The gigantic snake forces them to run out of the cave, now prey for the dinosaur. In the fourth issue, it shows that, even though Booga died by the snake, he got out of it and became a zombie.

This also appears in issue 16 as one of the presents that Nooby got for Sun, one being a living rope (a baby snake) and the other being a bigger living rope (a bigger snake).

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