Return of the Pygmy

A Pygmy holding the spear

The Spear is a weapon the Pygmies use to fight most bosses (though there is one exception) in Pocket God. It was introduced in Ep 17: Return of the Pygmy.



The spear in a battle with the T-Rex

The spear is a long, wooden pole with a sharp rock fastened to the end. It must be toggled on to use.

Usage in Battles

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The spear was introduced in Episode 17. When it was first introduced, it was used to fight the Tyrannosaurus Rex and just appeared on Rock Island, the dinosaur's island. To make the Pygmies fight the dinosaur, you must give the spear to them and they will throw it. The spear can still harm the creature if its back is turned, but the T-Rex must be slightly closer, as its head is its weak spot. All pygmies throw the spear at the same trajectory, speed and distance, meaning you have to plan where the Pygmy is going to be when you give one the spear. The T-Rex can be hit from most distances. The T-Rex will never revive its health when it's not being attacked, but if it eats a pygmy, it will revive health equivalent to half a spear throw. Also, you can poke the T-Rex to make it jump back, but the second it has been hit with the spear, the T-Rex will become immune to god pokes.

Barking Spider

A similar method of spear-use is used when battling the Barking Spider on Graveyard Island. When the spider's health has been depleted by multiple spear hits, its carcass will fall into the water.

Ice Monster

With the Ice Monster on Ice Island, a different technique is used. Instead of using spears, you must flick Pygmies onto the monster in order to kill it.

Spear God

In order to defeat the Spear God added in Ep 39: Challenge of the Gods, the following tasks (two of which involve the spear) must be completed:

  • Give Pygmy the spear.
  • Hit T-Rex with spear.
  • Defeat the T-Rex.

Alternate Spear Skins


  • It is the only weapon Pygmies can use.
  • It is the only way Pygmies can defend themselves against bosses.
  • The alternate skin for the spear in the Alien World Skin Pack is based off of a lightsaber from Star Wars.
  • Another alternate variant of the spear, the "Legend of Ooga Sword" is based off of the Master Sword from The Legend Of Zelda series.