The Spider God is one of the idols in the Battle of the Gods mini-game. It is the idol for Ep 28: Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy, and was first seen in Ep 39: Challenge of the Gods.


The Spider God is a spider with four eyes, eight legs, large teeth and a green gem in the center of its torso.



  • Put Pygmy in spider web. (A sticky situation.)
  • Wrap Pygmy in spider cocoon. (Wrap it up, I'll take it!)
  • Break open cocoon and release baby spiders. (Baby food.)
  • Pygmy eaten by barking spider. (Get in my belly.)
  • Poke barking spider. (Bug the bug.)
  • Hit barking spider with spear. (Spider figter.) [misspelled in-game]
  • Defeat the barking spider. (Arach-dead.)
IMG 0466

Level Up Tasks

Battle Info

  • When the idol is invoked, the Pygmy gains a spiked Bone Skull shield and a tan sword.
  • On the attack, the Pygmy marches forward and slashes with his sword.
  • If the enemy Pygmy is defeated by this attack, a hole opens under the enemy Pygmy. A large black monster wraps its tongue around the Pygmy, shakes him a few times, then eats him. (This is similar to the incident with the Ice Squid.)
  • A victory in the battle gains your four idols 3800 points toward Level Up.

Level Stats

The Spider God's particular Power does not increase as it levels up.
Level Health Damage
1 20 25
2 40 50
3 60 75
4 80 100
5 100 125
6 120 150
7 140 175
8 160 200
9 180 225
10 200 250
11 220 275
12 240 300
13 260 325
14 280 350
15 300 375
16 320 400
17 340 425
18 360 450
19 380 475
20 400 500


  • The powers and effects of this idol are identical to that of the Censor Bar, though the Attack Type and Realm are different.
  • This is one of the gods that does not have an equivalent in Pocket God Facebook.
  • The Spider God's first six legs are arranged in a configuration similar to the multiple arms found on statues of Hindu, Buddist, and other Eastern Asian religions.
  • This is the second idol to represent an in-game boss.
  • This is the first idol/god representing an arachnid.

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