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The Spider

Spider Mines are animals that appear in Pocket God Facebook in Facebook Ep. 13.5: Achievements Unlocked!. The Rival God this animal is Spider Mamaw.


The Spider Mines are unlocked at Level 13 and cost 5000 Sacrifice Coins or 10 Bones. It can be bought early for 30 Bones. Without the player, it dies after 5 hours.


The Spider Mines look like two orange flowers but when a pygmy aproach they look like giants spiders with a black body, eight arms, a monster like mouth, and three red eyes.



The spider as an innocent flower

If left alone the spider mine will look like an orange flower and do nothing. When a Pygmy interacts with it the flower will disappear leaving a hole where it was.

Jumping Spider

If a pygmy stands up on the flower a spider will cocoon him and it will attach to his head until the pygmy's skin turns gray, then it will pull him into the hole.

Approaching the Flower

When a pygmy aproaches the hole the flower has left, a black tentacle will drag him in. It will then throw out a rolled-up black ball.

Dropped on the Hole

If a pygmy is dropped on the flower some tentacles will throw him up and then he will fall into the hole.


  • According to its description, it dies after 5 hours. This makes it the only organism that dies in less than one day.
  • Spider Mines may be juvenile Barking Spiders.