The Spider Skin Pack is a customization skin pack released on February 24, 2010 with Ep 37: The Moron Pests in the game Pocket God. It costs 99 cents and allows the player to customize the appearance of the the Barking Spider.

Customization Changes

  • Dog - turns the spider into a hairy brown bull dog (see picture below). It is brown and white, and now has two yellow eyes.
  • Robot - The spider becomes a robot with this skin. It is a gold color, has tons of green rubber legs, multiple buttons and dials on its rear, and has two green head lights for eyes.
  • Cute - the spider becomes multiple random colors like green, purple, and yellow, and is covered with flowers. It has long, girly eyelashes and a smile.
  • Dino - The spider becomes a Triceratops with eight legs. Triceratops lived at the same time as T-Rex, and is its absolute worst enemy, so this is kind of an unknown pun.
  • Alien - a spider skin (see picture below) where the spider is, again, a robot.Okay,technically a cyborg.It is now a white, 21st generation robot with a bio-scanner eye. And, controlling the robot, is a brain with one eye in its abdomen. The brain is in a green goop.
  • Monkey - a skin where the spider looks like a Monkey. It has angry eyes, spiked fur and many legs.
  • Ice - the skin where the spider is an obvious copy of the Ice Monster. It has the same head and body as the monster, and still remains a spider with its legs.
  • Pygmy - an interesting skin where the spider is one big pygmy head. The spider's head is the bone in the spider's hair and it has blue eyes. The spider's torso is the pygmy's hair, and its butt is the pygmy's frightened head. The pygmy's eyes are wide open and its teeth are showing. The spider's legs are skin colored.


  • Oddly, the spider's mouth changes expression when eating the Pygmy in an alternate skin.