The tree with a spider web hanging from it

The Spider Web Tree is a tree on Graveyard Island and was introduced in Ep 26: Dead Pygmy Walking.


Physical Description

This tree is a large, black, spooky tree with twisted, gnarled black roots and two branches protruding from the main trunk. From these two, two more protrude and support a large, hanging, sickly-green expanse of leaves that looks like moss. From the right branch, a spider web hangs. There is a dark green bush behind it.

Spider Web

Main Article: Barking Spider

The Spider Web Tree's most prominent feature, if a Pygmy is put in the spider web and it is tapped, a small spider will come and wrap him in a cocoon. If the cocoon is tapped, it will explode into millions of baby spiders, summoning the Barking Spider. If the spear is toggled on, this will begin the Graveyard Island boss fight.


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