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Saint Patrick's Day themed fridge

The St. Patrick Fridge (formerly the St. Pat Fridge) is a variation on the Cocodrink Fridge. It was available for 1 Sacrifice Point for Saint Patrick's Day, and after the worldwide challenge involving it for 30 Pocket Change.


The St. Pat Fridge is simply a green version of the Cocodrink Fridge with a green leprechaun hat on top.

Root Beer

Main Article: Root Beer

It is full of Root Beer. When Pygmies drink root beer, they slop it all over themselves, wipe their mouth lazily, and become Drunken Pygmies


The Fridge Madness challenge

Fridge Madness Challenge

Main Article: Fridge Madness

For Saint Patrick's Day, a worldwide Facebook challenge was issued to every player. The goal was to get keep the fridge for free by answering 100,000 Grace Requests for root beer.

St. Pat Fridge Gallery


  • This is the second fridge, the first being the Cocodrink Fridge
  • In its pyramid form, the St. Patrick Fridge, the word god [神] appears [Citation Needed].
  • Oddly, when the fridge is open by Pygmies there is Root Beer but when you open it, it is empty.

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