Steamy is a Rival God in Pocket God on Facebook. He is summoned when the player overuses the Geyser power.


Steamy is a large blue whale with his tail up in the air. He has a large grin across his face. He has a beady little eye.


Steamy's challenge is to sacrifice 125 Pygmies in 72 hours.The loot to share is 625 XP and 6,250 Sacrifice Points.

"Living under pressure isn't easy, but it's what Steamy does best. And he doesn't like competition."


If you succeed in the quest, as well as getting the XP and the Sacrifice Points, you awarded Steamy's Idol. This idol gives you double the XP when using the geyser.


  • Steamy in title card

    Steamy in the Ep. 2 Title Card

    Due to the inability of making Steamy's water into part of the idol, the gem is place in his blowhole.
  • However, the rays of light emanating from the blowhole aim towards the sky like the geyser.

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