Stormy the Snowman is a Rival God found in Pocket God on Facebook. He challenges the player when they over use the Hailstorm power.


He is a large snowman with a carrot nose, black hat, orange scarf, big blue eyes, a frowning mouth, and two large bulky arms. Stormy's statement when encountered is:

"You are pulling all the ice from the sky, much to Stormy's frustration. Will you let him come drop in on you?"


His challenge is that the player must sacrifice 200 Pygmies with hailstones in 120 hours with the help of up to 5 friends to be awarded 1000 experience and 10000 sacrifice points. When you complete this challenge, Stormy will become an idol.

Defeat and Idol

When Stormy is defeated, he becomes an ice sculpture idol. He sports a purple gem on his forehead and remains in the same position as always. He doubles the player's experience when sacrificing with hail. He has an interesting way of portraying that the idol is on. The gem, instead of simply lighting up, glows and purple and blue snowflakes emerge from the gem over and over.


  • Stormy, along with the other gods, appears as one of the shadows in the episode picture.
  • He is one of the gods that is based on an inanimate object, like The Warmonger.
  • It's weird that Stormy's Idol is made of Ice but doesn't melt.
  • He is probably a parody of Frosty the Snowman.

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