T-Rex Egg

The purple-spotted T-Rex Egg

The T-Rex Egg is an item exclusive to the Rock Island.


The T-Rex Egg is a large purple egg (big enough to crush a Pygmy). When dropped, the egg will begin to crack. If dropped three times, the egg will fully crack open and a Baby T-Rex will poke out and let out a shrill cry. This will summon the vicious mother Tyrannosaurus Rex, who will come and eat any Pygmies to protect her baby.

Dinosaur Trilogy

The T-Rex Egg was introduced in Ep 15: A New Home where it simply sat there. Then, in Ep 16: The Tyrannosaurus Strikes Back, the egg was able to be dropped three times and the mother T-Rex come to its baby's call. Finally, in the third installment of the Dinosaur Trilogy, Ep 17: Return of the Pygmy, a spear was added to fight the dinosaur and the egg gained the ability to be toggled on or off.


The T-Rex Egg on the Rock Island

Alternate T-Rex Egg Forms

T. Rex Eggs in other iPod/iPhone Apps

  • The Creeps! - In 'The Creeps!', the Baby T. Rex appears in its egg as an enemy, along with the Pygmies.


  • The T-Rex Egg statue is used to represent Rock Island on the map.
    • In the skin packs, it is also used as the image for Rock Island extras.
  • The egg has almost the same functions as the meteor on Sand Island except with the ability of summoning the T-Rex - it can be dropped on pygmies, used to bowl them, and used to knock them off the island. However, it cannot create an eclipse.
  • The T-Rex Egg is the only non-food object in Pocket God to appear in another iPod Touch/iPhone App.
    • It is also one of the three non-Pygmy objects/creatures in Pocket God to appear in another iPod Touch/iPhone App, the others being the Baby T-Rex and the coconut.
  • The alternate skin for the T-Rex Egg in the Retro Gamer Skin Pack is based off a Poke Ball, an object from the Pokemon series.