The Tar Pit

The Tar Pit is a Pocket God Facebook exclusive item. It is a geological feature where subterranean bitumen leaks to the surface, creating a large area of natural asphalt, or black tar. It is available for the player to purchase for a certain amount of Sacrifice Points[citation needed]. Beneath it lies a large fossil, but all the player every sees of it is its arm. Pygmies can drown in the thick tar. The Rival God of the Tar Pit is the The Tar Fossil, which is the before mentioned collossal fossil..

Sacrificing Pygmies

Ways to sacrifice Pygmies in the Tar Pit are:

  • Dropping the Pygmies into the tar and have them sink to their death (3 Experience, 30 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Holding the Pygmies above the Tar Pit and having the Skeleton Arm come out and pull them to their unfathomable doom (4 Experience, 30 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Engaging in a game of tug-of-war with the Skeleton Arm to behead the Pygmy (in a similar fashion to the Squid) (4 Experience, 40 Sacrifice Coins)

Saving Pygmies

Pygmies can be saved from sinking in the Tar Pit. If the player manually drops the Pygmy into the Tar Pit, the player can drag the Pygmy out of the tar and drop them so they become all black like the Pygmy below. If the Tar-Covered Pygmy is dropped into the water, it then becomes clean. Pulling the Pygmy out of the Tar Pit can not be done if the Skeleton Arm has grabbed the Pygmy, meaning the Skeleton Arm continues to drag the Pygmy even as it is sinking in the Tar Pit.


  • The Tar Pit has its own mission, entitled "Tar Spa Treatment".
  • The Tar Pit has another mission, entitled "Head Hunter". The difference between this and the former mission is that you sacrifice friends instead of Pygmies.
  • Oddly enough, when you kill a friend with the tar pit and taunt them, the Pygmy in the picture isn't covered in tar.
  • Real life tar pits(including the famous Le Brea tar pits)are a type of predator trap that animals would usually mistake as water until they get stuck in it & die, often attracting many carnivores to the same fate before it rots away.
  • Oddly, when you try to put your avatar in the tar pit, they don't get covered in tar.
  • It appears in the comics.

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