The large sun behind can be seen while the Pygmy is eaten by the Ice Squid

Temperature is a god power added in Ep 30: Great Job Ice Hole. It is a god power that can be used on any island in the game Pocket God.


If you stretch the Sun, it will become larger and hotter. But if you pinch the sun, it will shrink and the air will become colder. When the sun has been stretched, the Pygmies will sweat until they burst into flames and explode in a similar fashion to what the Sand Island Statue or being electrocuted does to them. If the sun is small, they will shiver violently until they freeze into ice which shatters when you tap it.
IMG 0252

A small sun causing the Pygmies to shiver and freeze

Temperature on Ice Island

If the sun is hot on Ice Island and they catch on fire, they will melt through the island creating the ice hole, from which the Pygmies can fish for Swordfish or be eaten by the Squid.


  • If one drags a Pygmy up the Sky to play Ooga Jump, it will be a different color depending on the temperature you have made it.