The Galley Master is a Rival God encountered when the player overuses the Dance power in Pocket God Facebook.


The Galley Master is a red male Pygmy with baggy orange glowing eyes. Instead of a bone keeping up his hair, it is a large shiny piece of gold. He also sports a necklace. He carries around two mallets with which he beats his drum with.

The Challenge

When faced, the Galley Master's quote says:

He is the master of drums and rhythm, and is convinced that no driver is as hard as he is.

In the challenge, the player must sacrifice 30 Pygmies in 24 hours with the help of up to 5 friends to be awarded 150 experience and 1,500 Sacrifice Points.


When you complete this sacrifice, The Galley Master becomes an idol. The idol will give double experience when a Pygmy is killed by way of dance.
Master shadows

The Galley Master as one of the shadows in the Ep. 2 title card


  • His accessory is a drum.
  • He appears in the shadows of the Episode 2 title screen.
  • Unlike a normal Pygmy, his eyes are orange.
  • When his idol is activated, the glow looks like a smile.
  • The Galley Master, Mother Nature and The Yoga Master are some of the Rival Gods with a strong Pygmy resemblance (possibly explaining why their idols are made of wood).
  • The galley master pop up
    The Galley Masters pop-up (seen on the right) says he's the master of the Tar Pit. The Galley Master is the master of the Dance Dance drum, not the Tar Pit.
  • The Galley Master resembles the God of Dance from the iPod version of the game.