The Harvester is a global challenge on Pocket God Facebook. It was released with Facebook Ep. 11: Say Your Prayers in honor of Thanksgiving. The Harvester can now be beaten more than once due to a new update.


The Harvester is a turkey in a humanoid shape. He wears a long, blue, Roman-style cloak, and has a large, golden scythe in his right hand.


The Harvester's challenge is to sacrifice 550000 Pygmies with the Chubby Turkey in 168 hours. The loot to share is 2250000 Experience and 22500000 Sacrifice Coins. His challenge message was:

Sacrifice as many Pygmies as possible with the chubby turkey


The Harvester was defeated some time between 7:00 AM and 4:45 PM GMT on November 30, 2011.[citation needed] The idol doubles all beheading sacrifices. However, it only applies to beheading with the Chubby Turkey or the Skeleton Arm; beheading using a shark hat, piñata, or duel does not work.