The Liberty Bell is a global challenge in Pocket God Facebook released for the Fourth of July, the Independence Day of the United States. The challenge started June 30th, 2011.


The Liberty Bell is a light brown/gold bell with flowers on the top and a crack on the bottom. It resembles the actual Liberty Bell.


The Liberty Bell message was:

To celebrate, we've made the Moon Phase power easier to get. Try the waxing phase!

The challenge was to answer 100,000 Grace Requests for the Moon Dance. During the challenge it also made getting the Moon Dance easier to get. The loot is 500000 experience points and 12000000 Sacrifice Points. The challenge time is 166 hours. When the Pygmies are doing the moon dance after one has asked for it, there will be fireworks in the sky.


The Liberty Bell idol was given when the challenge was beaten. It gives five times the number of Sacrifice points given when answering Moon Dance Grace Requests. The Idol looks very similar to the actual picture of it and has two small gems on the top. When defeated, the pop up announced:

"What a way to celebrate liberty! Yours, of course, as your pygmies don't have any."


During the event, the servers suddenly shut down. It took a few days, but the servers were brought back. To compensate for this delay, the Pocket God Facebook Team lengthened the amount of time the Liberty Bell challenge runs for.


Possibly because of the fact that about 66% of the time was spent and not even 40% of requests were filled or that people lost interest after the server crash, on July 5, 2011, Pocket God Facebook added 50,000 grace requests (about half the challenge) to the total amount of dance requests answered. The update said that "The Imps" had decided to help in the 4th of July Challenge, a tactic the Pocket God Facebook usually uses to explain their actions.


  • It is the fifth global challenge and, like the others, is based around a holiday.
  • It is the fourth timed quest a challenge has had peaceful purposes (the other three are Mother Nature, Chocoro the Bunny and Fridge Madness).
  • The challenge was completed on July 6th on 9:09 ET.

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