The Love Archer was an global challenge in Pocket God Facebook issued for the Valentine's Day event in 2012. Released with Facebook Ep. 13: Happy Valentine's Slay, The Love Archer was released by the rival god Fat Cupid, though it is not referred to as "Fat Cupid" because this was the name of Fat Cupid's previous Valentine's Day challenge released in Facebook Ep. 3: The Birds. The Love Archer, like some of the other global challenges released for holidays, does not involve sacrificing Pygmies and is purely grace-request based. The Love Archer can now be beaten more than once due to a new update.


God Valentine

The original version of Fat Cupid

In Facebook Ep. 3: The Birds, the global challenge Fat Cupid was released for Valentine's Day 2011, and was defeated and an idol and a share of the loot given out to all participating players. For the Valentine's Day 2012 event, with Facebook Ep. 13: Happy Valentine's Slay, Fat Cupid returned as a God Power to be bought in the store (he floats on a cloud and shoots Pygmies with love-tipped arrows) and challenged the players to another global challenge, this one known as The Love Archer. It is important to differentiate between Fat Cupid the first global challenge, Fat Cupid the god power, and the second global challenge that Fat Cupid issued but is referred to as The Love Archer.



Answering grace requests for Fat Cupid's love arrows was the goal of this global challenge

Because of the Fat Cupid God Power being added to the store, the payer could compete in a global challenge released with the 13th episode. To complete the quest, players must shoot Pygmies with love arrows from cupid when said Pygmy asks for it in a Thought Bubble; i.e. answer all love arrow grace requests.

When encountered, his quote was:

Open your eyes wide and enjoy the view; Fat Cupid is back and needs help from you!

Players around the world must answer 100,000 love arrow requests. If they do all players will share 500,000 Experience and 5,000,000 Sacrifice Coins.


This challenge ended somewhere around February 13th, 2012. An idol was given to all participating players.



The second global challenge of Fat Cupid

  • This is the first global challenge to be issued as a new challenge by the same god as a previous challenge (Fat Cupid).

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