The Octopus in "Journey to Uranus"

Not to be confused with the Ice Squid from the original Pocket God game

The Octopus is a sea creature found in Pocket God: Journey To Uranus and the Pocket God Comics. It's purple.

Journey To Uranus

Main Article: Volcano Blast

In "Journey To Uranus", the octopus serves as that launched Pygmies can hit in the mini-game Volcano Blast. It appears far in the distance of the ocean and is, along with the pirate ship, one of the distractions in the mini-game from getting Pygmies in the Volcano. It gives 200 points when hit.

Pocket God Comics

In the Pocket God Comics, the Octopus is the quaternary antagonist in the series. The Octopus appears in The Gem of Life: Part 1, when it grabs Klak and eats him and in A Quest Called Tribe: Part 1, where it destroys the raft near the Sand Island.

  • The Octopus has a small rivalry with the Laser Shark.
  • The Octopus is purple just like in the games.


  • It was thought at first that the Octopus and the Squid were the same creature (both being purple and tentacled) but the creature in the comics is clearly an octopus.