The Pocket God Forums is one of the biggest Pocket God fansites, created in 2009.


The Pocket God Forums is a large forum and fansite, with the intention of having a fun and friendly place where Pocket God fans can converse with each other about Pocket God and a range of other topics, with very few limitatons. The main focus at the Pocket God Forums is to discuss Pocket God, but a wide range of other fields of interest also exist.


The Pocket God Forums was founded after an alternative to Touch Arcade was sought. Pocket God beta tester, Saintsalive, along with beta tester Arikags, created the Pocket God Forums where fans can discuss whatever they wanted without the restrictions Touch Arcade had. The Pocket God Forums was officially founded on June 12, 2009.

In 2009, the Pocket God Forums launched the Pocket God Wiki.

At the start of 2011, the Pocket God Forums converted from Invisionfree to ZetaBoards.

The Forums and Topics System


The now defunct Pocket God Forums interface.

There are three main subject areas on the Pocket God Forums. The Forums, Pocket God and Off-Topic.

The Forum section contains The Totem Pole where news is posted , The Wharf where members are able to chat to the staff, and Competitions and Events, which is where members can trade with other members as well as new competitions and events currently open.

The Pocket God section contains three catergories: The God's Lair, where any general talk about Pocket God takes place; Latest Updates, where members chat about the latest updates; and The Crafting Hut, where fanfictions, art, and all the great creations members have made are stored.

The Off Topic section contains The Outhouse - just about anything can be discussed here. The Squidball Arena, where all forum games and ropeplays go. And at last, the new Time Capsule, where members can post anything they like which will be revealed in a few years time!

The Staff

The Pocket God Forums is operated by a group of staff members, who provide help to other members, and maintain and manage the forum (Updated 7/14/12).


  • SirTigerMouse
  • StrangeOne101


  • Manchita
  • Rivermask

Assistant Admin

  • PygmyPalace


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