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The Pocket God Update Song is a dance and song in the Pocket God game, available as extra content in Dance Pack Too, and published as a video on YouTube. The song is a shout-out to all the Pocket God fans who incessantly ask when the next update is coming out.


In 2010 Jonathan Mann wrote a song about the iPhone 4 "Antennagate" issue, which Apple used in their press conference about it. Bolt Creative had the idea of making a spoof of the song based around the complaints of Pocket God users about how slowly the updates were being released. Rather than create it from scratch, Allan Dye and Dave Castelnuovo decided to contact Jonathan Mann, who agreed to record Allan and Dave's lyrics. Allan and Dave loved the result.

see Dave's original comments on TouchArcade


The Pocket God Update Song01:45

The Pocket God Update Song

In the Pocket God game, the Pygmies pull out guitars and sing the first verse of the song.

In the YouTube video, the full song with both verses is sung. The video starts with the Pygmies playing their guitars, but then moves on to show clips of the Pygmies doing most of the dances included in The Dance Pack and Dance Pack Too.


Up Date
Up Date
Up Date
Up Date


Where is the update? Give us the update!
We want the update now!
Where is the update? (Where is it?)
Give us the update! (We want it!)
We want the update now!

Verse 1

You said there'd be an update once a week
You lied
And where are all the female pygmies?
And while we're at it, I want aliens!
And werewolves too!
And I wanna be a beta tester!

Verse 2

We're just a couple guys,
You should understand...
We're doing, we're doin', the best that we ca-an
If we could clone ourselves we'd update faster
But then we'd risk some kind of cloning disaster!
Cloning disaster! Cloning disaster!
Don't wanna be killed by my clone!
Cloning disaster! Cloning disaster!
Don't wanna be killed by my clone!

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  • This is the first dance to include a song with the dance, and the only one until the release of the 12 Days of Fishmas.
  • In the video description, it says the Pygmies are only lip-syncing.
  • The lyrics seem to be a reference to Nooby almost being killed by Newbie.

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