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The Pygmy Peril is a supplementary magazine that comes with the electronic version of the Pocket God Comics. Right now, there are thirty issues of the Pygmy Peril.


  • Letter From the Editor
  • Outhouse Input
  • Developers' Corner
  • Conversation with one of the characters
  • Oh, so Close Files
  • Drafting a Pygmy
  • Klik's Six/The Olympygs/Dangerous Dialog
  • Little Green Men Comics
  • Pretty Pygtures (Fan Art)



  • In issue 16, when interviewed, Newbie states, "If anything is perilous to those meddling morons, it's me. It's practically like you named the newsletter for me in advance." This arouses the suspicion that Newbie is a "Pygmy Peril".
  • Pygmy Peril 15 is the only issue whose cover has a different banner format.
  • The Pygmy on the "Letter from the Editor" heading is a "Pygmefied" version of Weldon Adams, the current editor of the Pocket God comics.
    • He is also the current editor of the Pygmy Peril after Isaiah Samson.