The Skull Army is a Rival God and idol in Pocket God Facebook. They are summoned when you overuse the Fire Ants.


The Skull Army appears as three orange/red Fire Ants wearing green army helmets. They are mounting a yellow flag with a golden fire ant on the top on a Pygmy skull appearing to be sunk into sand in the manner of the famous photograph Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima.


Their description says:

Only YOUR ant army has the right to plant their flag on the skulls of your Pygmies

The requested the player (and up to 5 friends) sacrifice 75 Pygmies in 48 hours using the Fire Ants. The loot to share is 375 XP and 3,750 Sacrifice Points. The amount he challenges the player to sacrifice is the lowest 75, the formal lowest of any Rival God.


When you defeat The Skull Army the summoner will get an idol. The idol is gray, sculpted out of metal, and has two rubies for the Pygmies skull's eyes. With this idol turned on, the player earns double XP when sacrificing Pygmies with the Fire Ants.


  • The Skull Army's image is a reference to the famous photograph Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima.
  • The Fire Ants that composed this rival god are brown (not to mention helmeted), both different from actual Fire Ants in the game
  • The Skull Army's and The Smuck's sacrifice count is the lowest of all the Rival Gods.
  • This is the first Rival God to be not just one creature but a group
  • The gems for the idol are two rubies in the Pygmy skull
  • It and the The Warmonger are the only two gods that include references to warfare
  • It is the fourth god to be an animal, the other being SkekDodo, Sharky White Teeth and Steamy .