The Tar Fossil is a skeleton that lives at the bottom of the Tar Pit. Usually, the only way to interact with it is to have a Pygmy dragged or beheaded by its bony arm. However, when the Tar Pit power is overused, it is summoned as a Rival God that appears to challenge the player to sacrifice many Pygmies using the vat of sticky black tar.


The appears as is the bones of what looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The tar fossil has 16 teeth, with 8 on each side.


His challenge says:

You have disturbed the great fossil that

lies at the bottom of the tar pit. Bury it

under more pygmies?

In this challenge you have to sacrifice 100 pygmies by using the tar pit. You have to complete it in 72 hours. The loot to share is 500 XP and 5,000 sacrifice points.


When you complete this sacrifice, the Tar Fossil will become an idol. This idol gives double XP when sacrificing Pygmies with the tar pit.


  • The tar fossil message
    There is a possibility that the Tar Fossil is the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, as it looks like one.
  • Its description says that it lives in the bottom of the tar pit, which would mean it is his arm that is the Skeleton Arm and making it the only rival god that physically interacts with the Pygmies.
    • However, if the statement above is true, it would be strange how he is disturbed by the bodies even if he putting some on himself.He might be mauling them for the fun of it though.

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