The Unindentifiable Leftover Monster (known simply as The Leftover Monster when he is an idol) is a rival god that appears in Pocket God (Facebook) when you overuse the power of sacrificing Pygmies with the Cocodrink or St. Pat Fridge.


The Unindentifiable Leftover Monster lives in a container in a Cocodrink Fridge. The rival god itself is some sort of blue tin. It has blue fur and strong muscly arms. It has yellow, evil eyes. The inside of his fridge is dripping with green and purple goo, and the items in his fridge include a fish skeleton, a jar of jam, a moldy slice of pepperoni pizza, a jar of mayonnaise, a half eaten apple, a jar of pickled green olives, a milk carton with a missing Pygmy on it, and a moldy, brown banana.


"With your ice cube-making habit, you take up all the room in the fridge. Keep it up to stop the monster."
—The Unidentifiable Leftover Monster's challenge decription[src]

The Unindentifiable Leftover Monster's challenge is to sacrifice 50 pygmies by turning them into ice cubes (sticking them into the fridge and leaving them there too long). You have 24 hours to do it in and up to 5 friends can participate in the quest.


When you complete this sacrifice, the monster will become an idol and the player will receive 250 XP and 2500 Sacrifice Points. The idol is stone and retains the sticky green goo from the actual god. When transformed into an idol, the mayonaise in the fridge becomes the gem on the idol. It gives twice the experience when the player kills a Pygmy with the fridge.


  • Screen shot 2012-05-14 at 7.45.11 PM

    The version of this rival god as seen in the viewer added in Facebook Ep. 14: Wrath of the Frightened is slightly different from the originally challenge

    This is the only major instance in the game where the title is misspelled. (The correct title should be "The Unidentifiable Leftover Monster".)
  • Since the pygmies are in prehistory, they should not have some of the foods in the fridge such as pizza and mayonaise.
    • Ironically, the only object that is ever seen in the fridge, cocodrinks, are not present when the ULM is encountered.
  • The ULM (until SkekDodo which requires 25) requires the least kills out of any rival god to be defeated.
  • At the back of the milk carton there is a picture of a missing Pygmy.
  • It's eyes are similar to those of Tangle Kelp in Plants vs Zombies, but are yellow instead of red.