The Volcano God is a Rival God in Pocket God Facebook. He is summoned to challenge the player when the power of the Volcano is overused.


This god is a giant volcano with an angry face and lava pouring out of him.


When encountered, his quote states,

"The volcano god is angry. He says he only has the right to drop pygmies into volcanos. Prove him wrong."

The player (and up to 4 other friends) must sacrifice 125 pygmies using the volcano in 96 hours for a total of 625 experience and 6250 sacrifice points.


When defeated, he is given as an idol to the player. It is a beige color, with two glowing red eyes, and no longer has lava coming out the top. The Volcano God is the only god to have two gems as a statue, and an interesting feature to point out is his eyes. When the statue of the Volcano God is activated, his eyebrows raise and then his eyes glow. This process continues even as the statue is activated. About every seven seconds or so, the gems will stop glowing and the Volcano God's eyebrows will lower, then they will go back up as if reactivated.


  • He is the only god to be a land formation.
    • He is also the only god not to have an actual name.
  • The Volcano God (with The Warmonger and the Venus Queen) don't have glowing red eyes in the title card for episode 2.
    • Ironically, his gem, as a statue, are red eyes.
  • The Volcano god is also in JTU, since it said "The Volcano God is not satisfied!" if you lost the Volcano Blast.
  • Among all the rival gods, The Volcano God is angered the most.