The Warmonger is a Rival God that challenges the player in Pocket God on Facebook. He is the god of the Bomb Cactus/Bomb Fruit.


He is a tall, thin bomb cactus with two arms and one stubby leg. He wears a maroon bandana with three white stars. He has an underbite with prickly stubble on it. He wears a blue medallion with a yellow star. He wears two pins. Finally, he's holding a Bomb Fruit victoriously.

The Challenge

The Warmonger's quote when encountered is:

"Bing! Bam! Pow! Boom! and Crash!"

The Warmonger challenges the player to sacrifice 100 Pygmies with the Bomb Cactus in 72 hours with the help of up to 5 friends to earn 500 Experience and 5000 Sacrifice Points. Although he appears as an amazing and eager fighter, it is interesting to point out that his sacrifice count, 100, was formerly the lowest of all rival gods.

Defeat and Idol

As an idol, the Warmonger gives double experience when using the bomb cactus for Sacrifices. The idol is most likely made out of sapphire due to its blue feature. The gem that shines is the gold medallion that he wears. The Warmonger and The Wind Dragon are the only idols with pedastals.



  • The Warmonger breaks many rival god traditions:
    • His symbol is not a picture of him.
    • His quote does not include any smack talk, but only sounds made by the bombs.
    • His gem is not his head, but around his neck.
  • A warmonger is someone who is eager to encourage a person or nation to go to war.
  • The Warmonger appears as a shadow in the title card. Since a bandana covers his eyes, they are not shown or red in the shadows. But, the stars on his bandana do shine.
  • He has an underbite.
  • He formerly required the least amount of sacrifices (100). Now, there are rival gods that require fewer sacrifices than 100.

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