The Wind Dragon is a Rival God in Pocket God Facebook. He is summoned when you overuse the Hurricane god power.


The Wind Dragon is a blue Asian-style dragon that has white fur. It has a long pink tongue that forks into two. The wind dragon also has green eyes and 2 burgandy antlers. His new description says:

The beast has issued a challenge. How many more pygmies can you throw into the air until time runs out?


The Wind Dragon's challenge is to sacrifice 100 Pygmies within 72 hours.The loot to share is 500 XP and 5000 Sacrifice Points. When you complete this sacrifice, the dragon will become an idol.

Defeat and Idol

If you succeed in the quest, as well as getting the XP and the Sacrifice Points you get the Wind Dragon Idol. This idol gives you double the XP when using the hurricane.


  • The Wind Dragon is part of the shadows in the title screen of Facebook Ep. 2: Clash of the Frightened.
  • The Warmonger and the Wind Dragon are the only idols that have a platform.
  • The gem on the statue of the Wind Dragon isn't part of his actual design as a god.
  • The challenge says "How many more pygmies can you throw in the air in a day" was later fixed into "until time runs out"

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