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The Yoga Master is a Rival God in Pocket God Facebook that is summoned when the power of Gravity is overused.


The Yoga Master is an upside-down Pygmy balancing on its hair. He has larger earlobes and thicker arms than a regular Pygmy. He wears a golden bone as opposed to the Pygmies' white bones. He wears a golden necklace that bears a striking resemblance to Dooby's. The Yoga Master also appears to don dark red armor over his legs.


The description of his challenge is:

The master of gravity is upset with all your sacrifices. Turn the tables on him.

His old challenge is to sacrifice 250 Pygmies in 15 days. His regular challenge is to sacrifice 250 Pygmies in 3 days.


The idol for The Yoga Master is reddish brown and upside-down. It awards bonus experience for sacrifices involving Gravity.


  • The Yoga Master's idol appears to be made of wood.