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Tiny Islet with two Pygmies, the Basic Idol, and the Cocodrink Fridge

Tiny Islet is an island in which Pygmies inhabit and that, along with Sand Island and Big Island, makes up in the Divine Archipelago in Pocket God Facebook. It was introduced in Facebook Ep. 5: Archipela-go-go. You start off with this island in the tutorial.



Tiny Islet from the map

This is the smallest of the islands in the archipelago, only having the capacity for 2 Pygmies. Everything that is available on the other islands is available here, but can only hold two things at a time.


An odd glitch that had been recently discovered is where pygmies will walk off the island and walk on the water.


  • It is unclear why the players would want an island in which only two Pygmies can be controlled because there is little room to do anything. However, it is possible that a player would visit Tiny Islet to get rid of a glitch, as when you visit Tiny Islet pygmies on your original island despawn.

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