The Toad Power was added on 16th of September on 2013. Only availible on Pocket God Facebook. This costs 21467 SP or 30 bones. When activated an extremely large toad will sit somewhere around the island and small toadlings around him/her, hopping around the island.


The toads are green in colour and has small yellow spots on their backs. They also have a permanently furrowed dark green monobrow. They have spikes on their spine and yellow toes. From time to time, they'll ribbit or burp.


If a pygmy is fed, or eats one, it will briefly look satiated but then will have a look of fear on its face, green electricity sparks around that pygmy, and disappear in a puff of black smoke. If the player clicks the large toad, it will extend it's tongue out to wherever direction it faces, and catches a pygmy into its mouth. If at a close range, the toad will simply have the pygmy in its mouth for a while, with the pygmy's arm sticking out. It will then suck it in and burp out a pile of pygmy bones. If the pygmy is far away when the toad is clicked, it will fly into its mouth with its arm hanging out as usual, but instead of burping a pile of bones, it burps the same pygmy trapped in a greenish-blue bubble. If the player clicks it, the bubble and the pygmy will explode.

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