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Toola is a pygmy character who appears the Pocket God comics. She is a member of Sun's tribe of female pygmies. She first appeared in A Quest Called Tribe.

Physical Description

Toola is a pygmy who has light-blue eyes. Her top is made out of what looks like coconuts. She also appears to wear makeup. She has a light blue rag similar to Booga's, but it is less tattered, and has what appears to be golden beads supporting it. Toola is the only pygmy to wear lipstick, and she also does not seem to have a pale spot around her mouth like the other pygmies do. Toola has blonde hair with a few bangs and is held up in a large ponytail with blue coral. There are also a couple strings of hair jutting from the lower-sides of her head, one of them having one or two small beads.


"You'll nevah get away with this!" -Toola

By her appearance, Toola likes boys, unlike Kinsee. She actually desires to be the "belle of the ball". Also, she was said to be flirty (although this isn't often shown in the comics) and naturally mother-like. She also hates her looks getting messed up, as shown on Issues 21-22 where she worries much for her hair's condition. She also regards her beauty as her "weapon" according to issue 17. In The Pygmies Strike Back!, she tends to annoy Linsee a little and nearly gets captured by an automaton. Toola often replaces the ending of words that end in 'er' for 'ah'. She also says the term 'like' in certain phrases, mostly when describing something. Her hippie-like nature is similar to Dooby's.


  • Toola's possible counterpart is Dooby, because of their hippie-like personalities, and beliefs relying on Mother Nature.
  • Booga tends to dance with Toola when Kinsee attempts to ditch him.
  • Her tagline for Issue 25 is "The Flirty Earth-Mother", while is most other media she is referred to as "The Hottie".
  • Toola is the one of the only three pygmies to have blue eyes, other two being Sun and Ooga.

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