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The Tsunami Wave is a gigantic tidal wave introduced in Ep 18: Surf's Up.


The wave is created when you push the water from side to side, engulfing the island and sending the Pygmies into the depths of the ocean. This is one of the ways you can get to The Underwater Area, the other being choosing it on the map.

The Underwater Area


A tsunami wave on Sand Island. See you in The Underwater Area!

When in The Underwater Area, the player can push the water upwards and generate another tsunami. This wave will wash the Pygmies back on land.

Pocket God Comics

The tsunami wave appears in Issue 2 of the Pocket God Comics, the second part of the first story arc. When the Tribe Ookga Chaka Pygmies' raft is demolished by the Laser Shark, a large tsunami wave washes them ashore the island with the temple of the Gem of Life. This is the moment where Nooby loses his pet Coconut, Wilson.


  • This is one of only two ways to access another area without the use of a map, the other being the dream bubble.