The turtle, going against all sterotypes by running fast

Did you mean Sea Turtle?

The Turtle is a reptile from DistinctDev's "The Moron Test" that first appears in Ep 37: The Moron Pests. It is found inside the Snake's body.


It has stubby feet, a short neck, and black eyes. It is also colored dark green with a slightly darker shell.


The Turtle only appears inside the snake on the Island of Misfit Crossovers. When a Pygmy is eaten by the Snake when the Moron pests mini-game icon is toggled on, the Pygmy will be transported into the snake, where it will fall on the turle and bounce off its shell. This infuriates the turtle, beginning the Moron Pests minigame. During the mini-game, the turtle will chase the Pygmy while you have to answer Moron Test-style questions. The Pygmy runs faster every time a question is answered correctly, and he trips if you answer a question incorrectly. The turtle runs faster than the Pygmy, so you have to constantly answer question. When the turtle reaches the Pygmy, it eats the Pygmy and spits out the hair bone.


The turtle as it appears in the actual game, The Moron Test.


  • The turtle appears in The Moron Test's many tests, and also appears on the app's icon. It is essentially the unofficial mascot of the app. It is also effectively the mascot of "Moron Pests", as it appears in the Dream Bubbles and in the Snake's stomach.
  • In The Moron Test, the turtle's skin is a lighter tone compared to its shell, where as in Pocket God, the skin and shell are essentially the same colour.