The Tyrannosaurus Rex Skin Pack was the first Customization Skin Pack created in Pocket God. It was released in Episode 27: Good Will Haunting and allows the player to change the Tyrannosaurus Rex's color, what it wears on its head, and tattoos on its body.


It costs 99 cents to purchase. The changes you can make to the dino are listed below:

IMG 0184

A customized T-Rex

Colour Schemes:

  • Green Body (Default)
  • Metal
  • Dragon (second picture)
  • Pygmy (the dino has the same color scheme as one of the pygmies)
  • Prisoner (first picture)
  • Purple (third picture)
IMG 0183

A customized T-Rex 2


  • No Hat (Default)
  • Santa Hat (Added in 'Ep 29: The Pyg Chill') (last picture)
  • Top Hat
  • Headphones
  • Pygmy-Style
  • Viking Hat (second picture)
  • Sombrero (first picture)
IMG 0185

A customized T-Rex 3


  • No Tattoo (Default)
  • Skull (first picture)
  • Heart (third picture)
  • Tribal
  • Lightning (second picture)
  • Racing Number


  • Add trivia here!

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