The Underwater Pyramid in the background of the Coral Reef.

The Underwater Pyramid is an interaction, exclusive to the Coral Reef, introduced in Ep 41: I Sting The Body Electric, along with the new location. As of Ep 42: Bone Soup, you can now activate some symbols in patterns, in order to create special powers.


The Underwater Pyramid is a mayan like pyramid, divided in three sections, made by a golden material. It is located in the background of the Coral Reef. It features various different symbols on it surface, some of wich can be activated to cast special powers. It is also covered by sea weeds and some underwater vines protrude from it.


In the Underwater Pyramid's debut episode, it served only as an element to enrich the Coral Reef's background. Instead, as of episode 42, some of the the small symbols covering it's surface were changed into bigger hieroglyphics. Those symbols can be ligthed in certain patterns to activate special abilities. Here are the different patterns and their effects:

Heating Pattern

The pattern required to heat up the water

Pygmy heat

A Pygmy dying by heat power.

Freezing Pattern

The pattern required to make the water freeze

Pygmy freeze

A Pygmy dying by freeze power.

Air Bubble Pattern

The pattern required to make air bubbles in the water

Pygmy air bubble

A Pygmy trapped in a bubble by the air power.

Tar Pattern

The pattern required to make the water oily

Pygmy oil

A Pygmy dying by the oil power.

Acid Pattern

The pattern required to make the water acidic

Pygmy acid

A Pygmy dying by the acid power.


  • The Underwater Pyramid is so far in the background, that even the school of fishes swims over it.
  • It is the second of three temple like structures introduced in the game, and made interactive; but it's the only one to directly affect the Pygmies. The other two are the Apocalypse Temple and the Temple of the Gods.
  • It is also the only temple like structure in wich the Pygmies cannot enter.
  • When you activate a pattern,It will glow to a certain color depending on the pattern you activated.

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