The Underwater Statue.

The Underwater Statue, defaulted to be of an Octopus, a feature of The Underwater Area that cannot be toggled on or off, was first seen in Ep 18: Surf's Up when this area was introduced.


The Underwater Statue is a stone statue with a sapphire blue jewel for its eyes and a spear coming out of its mouth.


If the player taps the statue, a spear shoots out and then is sucked back it. If any Pygmies are in the way, they will be impaled and look rather just like a shish kabob. There is an achievement on how many Pygmies a player can spear at once, the highest and "God" status being all 7 at once (including Charlie).

Alternate Underwater Statue Forms


  • The Underwater Statue is used to represent the Underwater Area on the map.
  • It is one of three statues in the Pocket God World, the others being the Sand Island Statue and the Ape Idol.
  • The alternate skin for the Underwater Statue in the Retro Gamer Skin Pack is based off Pac-Man from the game "Pac-Man".