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Uranian Gas Clouds

Uranian Gas is a toxic green cloud of gas floating below the planet Uranus. It was introduced in Journey To Uranus Episode 1: Journey To Uranus and given more capabilities in Journey To Uranus Episode 2: Electric Booga-Loo.



It is poisionous and colored green, floating beneath the chunks of rock that consist of Uranus.

"Dragons on Uranus" mini-game

In this mini-game, your Pygmy on the Green Dragon will die if it flies into it. It is also home to Uranian Gas Worms, which will surface from the gas and drag the dragon and pygmy rider to its poisonous depths. In addition, a Ghost Pygmy will float up from the gas, giving the player an extra life. If an enemy Red Dragon flies into it, it will also die.

Storm Clouds

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A Pygmy choking in a cloud of toxic gas

In Journey To Uranus Episode 2: Electric Booga-Loo, these clouds were given a new and dangerous ability. If you swipe the bottom of the screen the normal, floating white clouds will disappear to be replaced with the sickly green toxic gas, functioning as the equivalent of Storm Clouds on Earth. You can now drag gas from the cloud at the bottom (the multi-touch features of the iPad allow you to drag a cloud of gas with each finger). If you cause the toxic green gas to surround a Pygmy, the Pygmy will proceed to cough and splutter, choking on the poisonous cloud. After the Pygmy has coughed in the toxic fumes, he will freeze, turn purple, and then the body will finally melt into a purple puddle on the ground.


  • The Mercurian Storm Clouds are similar to the Uranian Clouds, only blue.
  • These clouds are the only ones that are at the bottom of the screen.
  • The gas may be a cartoonish version of Chlorine. In real life, Chlorine is very toxic and harmful, and is also colored green. Of course, the gas will not melt you and turn you purple.