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Uranium Worm

The Uranian Gas Worms appear in the mini-game Dragons on Uranus in Pocket God: Journey To Uranus.


The Uranian Gas Worms have a brown body, blue eyes, and big sharp white teeth. They also have two dark brown spikes on the back of each body segments.


In the mini-game Dragons on Uranus, it will pop out of the Uranian Gas on the bottom of the screen and try to grab any dragon that dares near its supposed territory. It may latch onto the Green Dragon that your Pygmy is riding, or even an enemy Red Dragon. If the worm latches on, the added weight will possibly pull the dragon down into the poisonous gas. Not even the dragons are immune to such noxious gas. Tapping the screen with both fingers might improve chances of survival. Once the dragon reaches a certain height or floats above safe ground, the Uranian Gas Worm will fall down.


  • The Uranian Gas Worms will also try to kill the Red Dragons. It may be useful, but you do not gain points from that.