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Not to be confused with the Uranus Idol in Pocket God Facebook

The Uranian Statue is a statue on Uranus in Pocket God: Journey To Uranus.


It is placed right next to the Uranian Flower and is a stone statue shaped like a dragon (commemorating the Dragon Wars going on the planet). It has spikes on its head and a scythe in one stone claw.


In the first release of the game, it did nothing. However, in Journey To Uranus Episode 2: Electric Booga-Loo, a sapphire gem has been added on its forehead. The easter egg added is that when it is tapped, the statue will throw its scythe which will slice any Pygmy in the way in half. Because the sliced Pygmies reveal their brains and insides when they are cut in half before they fall, it is one of the more brutal ways to massacre Pygmies.

Zombie Pygmies will not be killed by the scythe; Instead, the head and limbs will be cut off. If there are no more body parts to be cut off, they will be pushed back and forth. If they are close to the edge, they can be pushed off.


  • It is the Uranian equivalent of the Sand Island Statue, as they both kill all the Pygmies on the planet.
  • It's the only Statue in JTU that doesn't blast the pygmies.