Gregory Exploit

aka Greg

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  • I live in the Pacific Standard Time zone
  • I was born on February 13
  • My occupation is Full-time Pocket God Wiki Editor
  • I am very active.
  • Gregory Exploit


    I'm here to talk to you about vandalism. We've had about 20-30 cases of vandalism in the months of July to December 2011. Although the whole vandalism situation here is under control, stronger vandals can still strike unexpectedly. Here are some interesting tricks to crush more advanced variations of vandalism.

    There are seven major types of vandalism: Regular Vandalism (trick 1), Harassment Vandalism (trick 1), Page Vandalism (trick 2), Media Vandalism (trick 3), Template Vandalism (trick 4), Hidden Switch Vandalism (trick 5), and Edit Summary Vandalism (trick 6). The higher the trick number is, the more advanced the vandalism.

    Trick 1. Regular Vandalism is just standard vandalism. It's the process of removing valuable content or addi…

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  • Gregory Exploit

    Mess of the Forums!

    September 3, 2011 by Gregory Exploit

    Hi everyone!

    I'm here because I was banned from a prank.

    The Forums is a mess. Anyone wanna join? :P

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  • Gregory Exploit

    Are there any people that are active people on this wiki besides me? It's been five days now, and I only see iPod Fan contributing as much as I currently do. I've also seen the occasional contribution from MagcargoMan and Pocketcow, and I've seen and tripped two vandals. So is anyone there?

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