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  • Haroldrocks

    I was thinking, it'd be kind of cool for our wiki to informally name the pygmy in the ice ball in the Holiday Skin Pack. Some people may think it's a dumb idea, but it'd be fun. He's just a random dead pygmy, and I think he deserves a name. Of course, it wouldn't affect the information on the wiki, because this is some-what of a fandom we could all create. We can name him, say how he died, and stuff like that. Leave your comments below. Thanks.

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  • Haroldrocks

    This blog is to decide what the new episode, Ep 37: Moron Pests, is really called.

    • "Moron Pests"
    • "The Moron Pests"
    • "The Moron Pests!"
    • or another

    Leave your comments below what you think it is.

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  • Haroldrocks

    Mission: Impossi-God

    January 27, 2011 by Haroldrocks

    This is a blog to discuss rival gods: rumors, ones we've found, ones we've finished. Anything about rival gods on Pocket God Online.

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